something great is coming.

Hi babies!

I have a big ole long post in the works about my life the past few months… i.e. AUSTIN AND I GETTING ENGAGED!!!! and everything else i’ve been doing, but if you ever come here and it isn’t updated, always click on my insta posts right over there —————->

They update regardless ❤


xoxo em ❤

better late than never?

Hi babies!

It’s me… after a long 2 months away. During the past 2 months, Austin came home (THANK GOD!) from deployment, I got a new job, and I think I’m adjusting to my life in Atlanta pretty freaking well for someone who up and moved once again in May. Now that I’m settled, I am going to get back into my routine of writing here and staying intouch with who I am…. a writer of course. Life has just been so busy.

Austin and I have been making up for lost time– spoiling ourselves with no longer being a plane ride away and instead a short hour and a half drive between us. Taking vacations, being lazy, and really just living our best lives. We go to Baltimore next month, which will be a super fun trip to blog about.

My new job is probably the best job I’ve ever had. It’s at Top Golf if you keep up with anything on my social media accounts. If you haven’t been GO NOW! Seriously. It’s so fun. They just opened one in Baton Rouge not too long ago so all my babies back home, deff go see what it’s about. Not gonna lie– I might kinda sorta be getting good at golf. MAYBE. It’s still up for debate. I’ve made so many new friends and it honestly makes Atlanta feel even more like home.

Like I said before, I knew Atlanta felt like home the first time I came here in January, but now it’s just so much better. Life is easier. Flowing, I guess you could say. Finding my own routine. Mixing my routine with Austins, and balancing work. I’m making the most of everything and it feels so good.

School is also right around the corner, which means ya girl will be on her way to receive her Master’s degree. Weird. Still strange to tell people I have a degree in English Lit– can’t imagine being able to say I have a Master’s. The semester will be overloaded with classes, thesis research, assistantships, while fitting in my job and time with Austin. I’m craving to be back in school. Is that weird? I’m not sure. If I could just be a professional student and get a ton of degrees I probably would. Kinda like how vampires in TV shows periodically go to different schools and graduate and then move to another one, haha! That’d be ideal. The vampirism and the schooling I guess.

This is just an update on how life has been. I guess to conclude it’s been pretty freaking great. Per usual, here are some pictures of things that have made me happy since the last time I wrote in May.

xoxo ❤


missing this.

God, I’m getting awful at keeping up with this but I’m honestly just loving my life right now.

As a writer, I’ve always liked documenting everything that happens especially in my life. Of course I still love doing that, but it’s so beautiful to just… live sometimes without all the responsibility of documenting it. I like keeping memories in writing most, and obv pictures, but boy has it been nice just existing lately.

I transferred to my new job here and I’ve been working pretty hard to save up some money again. I don’t know how expensive people think moving is, but for someone like me who does it a lot– let me confirm it’s sickening expensive haha.

The other part of moving I don’t think people take into account is just how lonely it is the first few weeks. Moving is definitely exhilarating, spontaneous, and you should do it every chance you get. But it’s also draining. It’s physically draining. Emotionally draining. I think that’s the part that gets overlooked and hidden by the glamours of traveling.

Austin isn’t home yet, so I’ve been adjusting all on my own. Learning where things are and the cute places to go. Having to find my fav walmart and somewhere to do laundry. Binging Netflix after work each night because I don’t know anywhere to go yet lol. deciding where I can look homeless comfortably. It’s an adventure for sure.

Speaking of Austin, obviously he’s been deployed for some time BUT HE COMES HOME THIS WEEK!!!!!! I’ve never been so happy in my life. Austin is the definition of love– simple as that. I want to just scream thinking about the fact he’ll be home from this way too long trip. We are taking a mini vacay when he gets back, so that blog will be mega cute and fun.

Other than that, I’m just kinda here. Working. Adjusting. Having FaceTime dates with Austin & trying different Thai food places to see if any can compare with Thai Lanna in Houston (none have yet). I love it here. Georgia felt like home the first time I drove through Atlanta with Austin. Sometimes you just know, ya know?

xoxo 🖤

hi, it’s me again.

it’s been 2 very long months since I’ve posted and uh all I can say is I MOVED TO ATLANTA! i know, big surprises. I’m gonna skip over all the “recapping” of the past two months and just say that it’s been crazy. Absolutely crazy. I really moved again, lol.

I’m starting my Master’s at Georgia State this August so, moved out here just in time to get settled in before Austin comes home– have an epic summer with him and our friends, and then pick back up with school. Atlanta is perfect. I spent the weekend at Shaky Beats and made like the best friends ever. Mega happy Austin got me tickets for my birthday. Oh, I also turned 23 last Friday, hi hello I’m getting old.

This is going to be super short, because I still have unpacking, and exploring, and pretty much just a lot of living to do. I’ll fill it with pictures and hopefully not take 2 months to write again.

love you guys. xoxo.


Hi babies– it’s me.

So much has happened so a blog highlighting it all is definitely called for. From seeing my favorite band, publishing another article, and my interview with VoyageHouston going live I just…. WOW!!!! Life is going 90 to nothing right now.

Let’s talk about Article #2 with Houstonia Magazine first!!! I did a full travel guide to Atlanta after taking my trip there. This article was so fun– exploring the city with the love of my life and writing all about it. I can’t think of many things better than that. Here’s the link so you can check it out 🙂 CLICK ME!

Untitled 19

2nd on the list is my interview with VoyageHouston going live!!! I can’t even describe the feeling of seeing myself on the front page of this website. It’s a new kind of feeling no doubt. In my interview I share all things personal– from challenges, interests: basically my life story haha! It’s worth the read even if you keep up with my blog. Houston just continues to open doors for me I never knew were possible. CLICK HERE to read the full interview 🙂

Untitled 22

I saved the best for last, which would be seeing my favorite band, I See Stars, in concert at the Revention Music Center. You guys, they gave me their set list. I– I cried my eyes out. Have you ever loved a band so much that the sound of them made you burst into tears because your heart is so full? That was me the entire show. I met amazing people. Saw even more of Houston. It was a night to remember. You all know I have this band tattoed on me if you’ve read my tattoo blog. If you haven’t, it’s worth checking out. ❤

Well, there’s a recap of my life lately. I still have a few more things to surprise you guys with, but you know I like to wait until the perfect moment. Maybe a hint? I’m not sure…. I’ll consider it. I love you guys. Thanks for supporting me.

xoxo. ❤

We’ve All Been There.

Oh hi!

It’s been a whole month since I’ve posted and honestly I have no other excuse but LIFE. Has anyone else been in a major funk lately? Just me? Interesting. Maybe the moon is doing something weird– any astrology babies out there that can answer this for us?

The biggest thing right now has got to be that hard hitting feeling of Post Graduate Depression– yes, that feeling of being done with school and not really knowing what to do with yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I have tons of plans and want all kinds of things, but you ever just….. feel…. T I R E D? Like physically and mentally, ya know? Your brain just wants to rest. I think that’s me right now. & not to mention the curveballs I’m being thrown when it comes to grad school.

Trying to get back to my old self– writing, working, living life. Everyone loses direction every now and then. You get thrown too many curve balls and you start accepting the fact you’re getting striked out of the game. It gets mega hard to see that path you have drawn out for yourself.

Of course, every path can change and nothing is set in stone (these are the guiding words of my mom the last few weeks, so they must be true… because she’s my mom), but I keep telling myself to push forward and everything will fall into place the way it’s meant to.

Apart from my self-induced funky mood– if you keep up with social media you’d know I got featured by VoyageHouston, which honestly comes very close to my current career highlight of interviewing Lauren Daigle. Houston is opening so many doors for me. I feel crazy for being in a funk, but it happens.

Messages Image(41933576)

There’s many more things in the works, but those are a secret until further notice. I think if I just push myself hard enough I’ll get back to my old self. Between having the flu, Austin leaving for work, and traveling back and forth to ATL (more PTD no doubt), I’ve just been experiencing so much of life! Maybe a well needed rest day is in order… that will consist of writing articles and possibly eating cookies and cream ice cream (vegan of course) while binge watching SAO.

Kind of a life update– kind of just needed to vent. Best of both worlds here on my blog.

love you guys. xoxo.



Weekends in Atlanta

Hello babies. It’s Monday, which means a new week is starting. I thought I was ready, but the PTD (Post-Travel Depression) is hitting hard since I got back from the weekend in Georgia with my boyfriend.

Between bar-hopping, art museums, coffee downtown, hiking, riding scooters through the Botanical Gardens, and meeting new people, adjusting to my work life back in Houston is becoming more difficult than I expected. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Did you know PTD even existed? Supposedly it takes 3+ days to not feel so down about being back home, but we’ll see.

My daily routine of magazine work in the morning and waiting tables at night began bright and early this morning which hopefully will help me get back into the swing of things.

Other than that, the weekend was absolutely amazing. Living 12 hours away from Austin is definitely killer. Facetime dates and phone calls are a total norm. Ever watched a movie over Facetime? 10/10 would recommend. It’s worth it though. ❤

We went hiking at Providence Canyon which was BEAUTIFUL. 7 miles was a bit excessive though… my legs did not like me afterwards haha. We went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and I’ve never seen so many amazing pieces.

Here’s some pictures to add this amazing part of my life to my little blog. The best place to keep my memories of course.

Patiently counting down the days until I can go back, but until then– Houston it is.


xoxo. ❤