About Me.

Hi, how are ya!?
My name is Emilee Calametti, but you can call me Em and I’m in love with writing about things that matter most to me.

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I’m a graduate from Louisiana State University with my BA in English Literature. I’m currently living in Atlanta, Georgia doing my Masters at Georgia State.
I love all things literature, especially Victorian, and my blog is the most personal aspect of my heart.
I want to work in publishing and write/edit for the remainder of my life after graduate school. This blog not only has helped me grow as a person, but it makes other people feel connected in a way that you can only understand by reading each and every one of my posts. I’ve dedicated my life to opening up to people and writing about everything close to my heart. ❤

I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for within the pages of my blog.

The title of the website is simple and too the point.

Living is beautiful. Always live an Epic Existence.


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