Could This Year Get Any Better?

It’s only March and it’s already such a perfect year!!!

I quit smoking, I got an awesome new job, booked my first trip to New York, started my blog, became vegan….. And there is still so much time left in 2018!! How is everyone’s year so far?? Have you guys set goals for yourself?! I wanna hear them!!!!!!

The beginning of the year has been perfect, & the end of the year will consist of me graduating college. It was so cliche to say 2018 will be my year, but you guys, it honestly feels like it!! ❤

I’m mainly writing this blog to show off my new hair from today and to procrastinate writing essays because it’s midterm week 🙂

How perfect is this?! Kelsey is my favorite, and so is the whole salon I work for. It never fails for them to make me feel my best! ❤ @modhairbr @kbhairlove

New hair makes me feel like a whole new person… Let’s not forget my New Hair, New Me blog!! ❤

I hope everyone is conquering midterms and as excited for two months left of school as I am! I can’t believe it’s flying by this fast. I may have senioritis, but senior year is deff going by the fastest of all!!

I guess I need to write this huge paper and eat junk food all night. Long day tomorrow.


xoxo. ❤

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