In The Past Few Days….

GUYS! ! ! !!!

CLAY AND I SAVED ONE OF THE FERRETS FROM PETCO! His name is Nugget and he now has a forever home at the Seguin residence ❤ Our other ferret Monkey absolutely loves having a brother. They have so much fun together!! ! !

I need to update everyone on the Petco situation I’ve been battling before I get into the other new things in my life (!!!! ! ! !)

SO…. I got a call from the District Manager of the Petco location on Perkins Rd, and he asked for the details about what happened. He had seen my photos, because I sent them to him through email. After a long discussion on what I witnessed I was told that he had a meeting with the location this morning and that new cleaning guidelines were being put in place, ferrets were being moved due to overcrowding and sanitary purposes, and that more water bottles and food would be placed within the cage.

WE DID IT YOU GUYS. I am so grateful for everyone who took the time to share my post. We saved those little babies. I was ALSO told to visit the store in a few weeks and if anything was not okay to give him a call back.

❤ ❤ progress progress progress.

other news….. I GOT A NEW JOB!!! ! ! !!! My salon that I previously wrote a post about asked me if I’d like to work there and my first day was TODAY! I absolutely loved it. It was so nice to get off campus and be around an environment and people who were LSU related. I literally would spend 7am- 5:30pm at LSU….. It began to just feel like my days were on a loop.

I’m so happy.

other OTHER news…. IT SNOWED TODAY… AGAIN!!! How great is today?? Aside from the fact that my doors were frozen shut on my car and my windshield wipers were ice blocks, it was so cute to be at my new job while it was snowing.

It’s been a pretty eventful few days to say the least.

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