Animal Neglect At My Local Petco..

This is the most important blog I’ve ever written, so if you don’t stick around for anything, please choose to stay for this one.

I am heartbroken at what I saw walking into the Perkins Rd. Petco located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana today. Here are images of the living conditions of the many ferrets Petco has allowed to be brought into their store.


This is not only disturbing and heartbreaking, but it’s animal neglect and abuse. These poor HELPLESS animals are living in dried fesses with their food bowl completely dried out and rock solid while also having their water bottle empty for how knows long.

Not only is there close to 8 ferrets living within this one display (which requires MORE care then having 1 or 2), but THREE of the ferrets are 6 weeks old. These babies are more prone to catching human born illnesses, bacterial infections from their own fesses, and becoming malnourished from lack of food and water.

This is absolutely unacceptable and needs to be stopped.

I’ve contacted the corporate office of Petco, written countless emails to higher level officials, and I’m in the process of contacting rescue facilities here in Baton Rouge.

Please share this post so that awareness can be made on the neglect that is going on towards these animals. This is the visible neglect. There is no telling what goes on behind closed doors.


Woogie Wescue Ferret Shelter- (225) 663-9466

ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)-

PETCO Customer Service- (877)-738-6742

PETCO Corporate Office- (858) 453-7845

2 thoughts on “Animal Neglect At My Local Petco..

  1. It is very sad. Petco built it’s reputation on the advertisement that it would not sell or breed dogs, but instead attempt to create and host adoption events involving community rescue societies. I followed up this comment with an email to PETCO Corporate. Small, highly trafficked animals such as these Ferrets and Guinea Pigs are extremely susceptible to influenza from us humans. Help remind PETCO of their mission statement.


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