1st Week Down… 15 More To Go.

Wow, does anyone else feel super overwhelmed already by this semester… and it’s only the end of week 1? Or is it just me? Last night I spent 4 hours doing Latin homework….. I just can’t imagine how great the next 15 weeks will be (: (: (: ok, but it was my fault. I should’ve started the night before……. I got lazy.

It has come time in my LSU experience to take all of my Senior English classes and let me just say LSU is most definitely trying to get rid of the weak. I’ve never in my life…. it’s just intense. I had four (FOURRRRR!!) people walk out of my capstone seminar after the professor announced a 15 page research paper (which doesn’t include bib or notes)…… they just walked out the class.

But honestly, I can relate to them walking out…. but I need the class to graduate so….. I’m stuck.

I referred to Wednesday being a trial day with only having one class…. and it was most definitely not a trial for what I experienced Thursday with my four other classes!! ! ! !! !

~~~ The only thing I can do is inject coffee directly into my veins and hope that my professors take pity on me because I’m a senior. (:  ~~~

(oh, and I have a final at 7:30 am on my 22nd birthday…… so that’s always fun. Us early May babies get the bad end of the deal every Spring.)

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