Is The First Day Over Already???

We spend countless hours mentally and physically preparing for the first day of school for it to be over in a split second. We get our hair done, pick out the perfect outfit, make our binder look the prettiest and most organized it possibly can, and get our laptop fully charged ready to conquer the world that is “The First Day of School”……..

We do all this knowing the second day will consist of multiple trips to Starbucks, nike shorts and t-shirts (…because it’s once again hot in La), and us not being able to find that binder we worked so hard on.

The nicely fixed hair will go into a pony tail and the makeup won’t get taken out for a school day until the first day of the next semester.

The whole “First Day of School” crisis feels like a never ending loop that you hope ends with high school, but you find yourself still getting those butterflies the night before wondering what the day holds for you.

Is it just me who feels the first day of school is inevitably crucial?? If you can conquer the first day, the whole semester will feel under control… right?


I only had one class today, so it basically was my “1 Day Free Trial”, because the real conquering starts tomorrow with my day beginning at 9am and ending at 3pm…. with back to back English classes…. College is fun right??

I’m beyond excited for this semester though. Something feels good about it. I can feel it.

I order my cap and gown within the next few months, I’ll schedule my Senior pictures (that will be obviously cliche and taken by Tiger Stadium, because did I even graduate from LSU if I don’t get professional pics by Tiger Stadium????…… & I’ll probably slip one in there of me with the Mike the Tiger statue for good measure) and then it’s just the GRE and writing sample left for Grad School applications.

This semester will be filled with so many memorable things I’ll get to look back on. I’m excited to embrace them!!


xoxo ❤

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