Happy Monday!!

It’s the Monday before LSU starts back school and I’m sitting here ordering all my textbooks for the second to last time… EVER!!!!

My favorite places to get books from are: Amazon.com, Knetbooks.com (they always have coupon codes online!!!), Thriftbooks.com and of course just the Barnes and Noble website. ** Thriftbooks is a booklovers dream website. It’s exactly what the name says, it’s just a huge website of used books. It’s pretty much the Goodwill of novels. **

I’m only taking 5 classes this semester, which means in the Fall when I graduate, I’ll only need 4 classes. 4 classes is basically the Holy Grail of college scheduling.

Besides that I’ve paid off my credit card this morning and I found a gray hair in my head. 🙂 I guess college really CAN take a toll on you.


Over the weekend, Clay and I took shifts taking care of our pet ferret Monkey.

Fun Fact: Did you know Ferrets can catch your cold or flu?? Well, I sure didn’t and I gave my poor baby monk the flu!!!!

We spent all Saturday night at the LSU Vet Emergency Room….. Another Fun Fact: Being an LSU student does NOT get you perks at their Vet. 🙂 So basically you can get a discount on chicken wings by going to LSU, but not towards getting your animal better 🙂

He’s doing much better now though. He’s eating and drinking more and starting to be more playful. Thank goodness!!

That would be a crappy way to start off the new year.

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