GRE Procrastination..

I told myself when winter break started that I would make it a goal to study for my Graduate Exam and take it before break was over….. and so far I have a new couch picked out and decor to match it.

So.. it’s safe to say things are going pretty well.

If you don’t know much or anything about the GRE, think of the ACT you took in high school but on 300 shots of a steroids. That’s a good description.

It doesn’t really make sense to me why a college degree isn’t good enough to get into graduate school….. I mean, we all basically die the 4-5 years it takes to even get it and if we want to die for 2-5 more for a MA or PhD then why not let us do it without all the added requirements?????????

&& Not only do you need the GRE, but for English Grad School I need a 15-20 page writing sample…….. WHAT??! It’s all too much.

Just gonna keep shopping for pretty house things and avoid all things school.

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